Newsletter content creation for Bopied

Increase the LTV of your customer base by 43% via email marketing

Bopied & Tendances Chaussures is a Canadian company that helps Quebecers find fashionable footwear and accessories to wear during Quebec's harsh winters and sunny summers.

Our client for a little over 2 years, Bopied & Tendances Chaussures entrusted Pure Commerce with the following mandate: To increase the profitability of its email contact base in 2021.

There is a ton of competition in the fashion industry, and many bigger players can offer incredible discounts at any given time. How do you stand out and keep your customers loyal? By offering adapted products and a newsletter that makes customers want to buy!

Our initial assessment

  • The fashion industry is very competitive. It’s imperative to engage your customer from their very first visit and keep them "on the hook"
  • Subscribers like new products and discounts. Sometimes, you have to scream it from the rooftops (so to speak)!
  • No one has only one pair of shoes. Upsells and cross-sells can take center stage!

Our objectives

  • Automate lead generation and management to maximize loyalty and recurring purchases
  • Engage customers week after week to increase ROI
  • Send each subscriber content that is relevant to them specifically to improve the customer experience

Our strategy

  • Automate the buying process using marketing automation to optimize each customer's experience
  • Build an email marketing calendar of weekly newsletters focused on seasonal products
  • Segment subscribers according to their behavior and interests to target them accordingly


Implementation of 5 basic email flows that welcome and engage a maximum number of customers automatically

  Welcome Series

  Cart Abandonment

  Browse Abandonment

Pure Upsell

Customer Winback

Email marketing calendar

An email marketing calendar of over 150 emails in 2021 that highlight the best products in line with the season, special offers, events, and more.

Dynamically segment

Dynamically segment and target subscribers who took a specific action to maximize the chance of ROI. In addition, the use of more generic emails to re-engage dormant leads. 


+43% in Lifetime Value

Each customer generated more and more revenue for Bopied over time through our email marketing machine

Over $1500 in sales generated per newsletter

With an average of 13 emails per month in 2021, each email was extremely profitable 

20% of total revenues came from email marketing

1 out of every $5 generated came from our well-thought-out emailing strategy.