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We speak from experience

We know our way around e-commerce!

At Pure Commerce, when we talk about managing and advertising online businesses, trust that we’re speaking from experience. Since 2017, with the help of our sister company J7 Media, we’ve invested nearly $100M in Facebook advertising, with nearly $70M going to online businesses.

We’ve seen e-commerce businesses go from $1,000 in sales per month to $300,000 in the span of just a few months. We’ve helped businesses making tens of thousands of dollars in sales per year grow to tens of millions of dollars in sales per year.

So, when we say that we’ve seen online businesses grow, and we mean really grow, we mean it. We still see it every day.

But, one thing has jumped out at us over the years. E-commerce businesses first need a solid foundation and a complete structure to make the move from a simple online business…to an Elite business!

And having worked with online businesses for years, we’ve identified the common denominators that differentiate successful companies surpassing $5 million in annual revenues from companies that are treading water, only dreaming about hitting 7 figures.

The keys to success

The 4 pillars for achieving hypergrowth

All the online businesses that achieved significant growth by working with us integrated these 4 pillars into their digital marketing strategies.

If you work with us, you’ll benefit from the same insights and expertise to inherit a 360 strategy that will allow you to become an Elite Business.

Our Promise
An Elite Business

A high ROI on all of the advertising platforms you invest in.

Consistent production of new video content to showcase your best products or services.

An automated email marketing strategy that continuously generates revenue.

Partnerships with influencers who will regularly share and post about your products or services.


The Quest to Becoming Digital Marketing Mavens

Pure Commerce was born from the need to adapt.

Because let’s face it, the digital marketing world is ever-changing, unpredictable, and full of surprises (we’re looking at you, TikTok!).

If you want to survive as an e-commerce business in an oversaturated and competitive market, you have no choice but to evolve, and at Pure Commerce, we don’t believe in putting all of our eggs in one basket (or all of our advertising resources into one platform).

And neither did our clients at J7 Media. 

Like us, many of our e-commerce clients recognized the need to branch out into Email Marketing, Pinterest, Video Production, TikTok, Google Ads, etc.

And because our goal has always been to help our clients achieve hypergrowth and become ‘Elite Businesses’, our approach to their new needs was simple.

Ask, and you shall receive.

So, we doubled down and added a new league of experts to our team. First, an Email Marketing Specialist, then a Video Producer, and lastly, Google Advertising Specialists.

J7 Media became what J7 Media had never been before – a paradox of sorts: A Facebook Advertising agency that did more than just Facebook Advertising. 

At that point, we knew we needed to create Pure Commerce.

Pure Commerce is an agency where we can focus all of our efforts on helping e-commerce businesses grow and succeed through an ever-growing list of advertising channels: Paid Media and Advertising, Email Marketing, Video Production, and Influencer Marketing.

Our team of experts is ever-growing, too, because in order to help our e-commerce clients become Elite Businesses, we must first have a team that is elite.

As the world of e-commerce and digital marketing continues to evolve, we will too.

And the best thing about evolution? It never stops.


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