31% increase in sales in 12 months

Sherbrooke Canin is a well-known Canadian brand that sells pet products. In September 2022, the brand commissioned Pure Commerce to drastically increase its e-commerce activity and reach the 4, then 5 million mark by the end of 2023.

At this stage, Sherbrooke Canin had recorded several million dollars in sales over the previous 12 months. And yet, one year after our collaboration, they achieved a 31% increase in sales. But that's not all!

Let’s see how the Pure Commerce team pulled this off and how it benefited our client.

Financial Foundation

At Pure Commerce, when a client is seeking growth, we always begin by analyzing their financial foundation. This enables us to assess the advertising budget and the cost of acquisition in order to achieve our client's business objectives.

At Sherbrook Canin, we took into account the revenue generated by existing customers, the repurchase rate, and the cost per new customer (nCAC). This data set enabled us to establish a financial strategy based on: 

  • The volume of new customers to attract each month.
  • A nCAC aligned with our growth strategy.
  • An unlimited advertising budget, once the break-even point was reached.

With this foundation in place, we turned our attention to executing our aggressive acquisition strategy.


Our initial assessment

When we took over the Facebook Ads account, we realized that a huge portion of the budget was allocated to retargeting, and very little to acquiring new customers.

As a result, we decided that the account, in its current state, was simply not set up to support a drastic increase in the advertising budget.

Our objectives

Our objective was simple: drastically boost customer acquisition and increase the advertising budget as soon as possible.

Our strategy

  1. Develop a testing structure that could quickly handle a larger budget.
  2. Launch Facebook Ads campaigns designed for an e-commerce business.
  3. Find products that were more likely to convert to generate more sales.


In 12 months, we went from 19 to 82 campaigns and from 23 to 403 ads in the Facebook Ads Manager.

This explosion of creative elements helped us find the best ways to lower the cost per purchase for acquisition audiences while maintaining a favorable ROAS.

At the same time, the increased number of campaigns enabled us to increase the budget by 166%, and even as much as 246%, in comparison with the previous period.

As a result, Sherbrooke Canin entered into the Hypergrowth phase. 

Accustomed to standard campaigns, we set up the most powerful campaigns in the Meta catalog, namely Dynamic Ads and Advantage+ campaigns.

When properly managed, these campaigns offer advertisers unrivaled performance thanks to Meta's Machine Learning and algorithms.

However, we never used them for testing: only to boost content that already worked thanks to our previous tests!

These campaigns represented more than 37% of the total budget invested in Facebook Ads over this period.

In constantly analyzing the activity on the client's website, our mission was to detect sales opportunities thanks to the brand’s wide range of products.

In order words, to determine the products with the highest gross margin (profitable right from the first purchase) or the ones generating the highest LTV. We launched dedicated campaigns and ads to maximize our short- and long-term return on investment.


Our initial assessment

There were very few active campaigns on the account, promoting only two products available in the store.

Our objectives

Diversify acquisition and significantly increase profitability per campaign.

Our strategy

  1. Cut out everything that was generating poor results...
  2. Spend the budget on campaigns that were more likely to convert.


In 2023, no fewer than 24 campaigns were launched insuccession, while almost all previous campaigns were cut. This enabled us to test numerous Google Ads angles and settings on a much larger scale.
Very quickly, we identified extremely high-performance settings, such as Performance Max, Search. and Shopping campaigns, which enabled us to reduce the cost per purchase by 42% between the two periods.

Thanks to these optimizations, Sherbrooke Canin's Google ROAS went from 5.68 to 6.56, and the budget was slightly lower than in the previous period.

We did better with less!

This was reflected in the average order value as well, which climbed from $37.94 to $139.03.


31% increase in CA in 12 months

11% increase in Conversion Rate

6% increase in Average Order Value

70% increase in Net Profit

7.8% increase in LTV over 3 months

11.4% increase in LTV over 6 months

Thanks to our various initiatives, Sherbrooke Canin is now building a hypergrowth machine! What are you waiting for to get started on yours?