Newsletter open rate increase for My Bouddha

Increase your open rate by 295% with email segmentation

My Bouddha Boutique is a company that sells a variety of spiritual products, decor, and accessories. A company that bridges the gap between the physical and the intellectual, My Bouddha offers a wide range of products that are both functional and decorative.

My Bouddha is a client that is more mature and has a large subscriber base, so they were looking to capitalize on their assets and continue to grow. 

This industry is very cyclical, not seasonal, as customers in this industry often go through phases. They purchase according to their mood, beliefs, spiritual needs, or spiritual events.

Our initial assessment

  • We knew that effective subscriber management would be extremely important as this client’s subscriber base is huge.
  • We also had to grapple with the cyclical nature of the industry and the consumer’s life (spiritual needs, beliefs, etc.), so timing was key. A post-purchase strategy could have a major impact on AOV.

Our objectives

  • Increase open rates
  • Increase the CTR
  • Decrease unsubscribes
  • Decrease the bounce rate
  • Increase the number of placed orders, while generating consistent sales

Our strategy

  • Segment subscribers according to their engagement rate and habits 
  • Test and adjust segments over time
  • Keep subscribers interested with engaging content


Segment subscribers according to engagement rates to further maximize their engagement 

Engaged - Open-click emails/Active FR - Last 30 days

Engaged - Open-click emails/Active FR - Last 120 days

Engaged - Open-click emails/Active FR - All time

The addition of 2 new segments to find a balance between volume, results, and campaign tests

Engaged - Open-click emails/Active FR - Last 60 days

Engaged - Open-click emails/Active FR - Last 90 days

Keep subscribers interested with engaging content

Inspirational emails, sent to a broader audience, to engage as many subscribers as possible

Promotional emails, sent to a smaller audience, to monetize engaged subscribers

Bigger promotions and sales sent to a very large audience


Multiplied the open rate by 3

Emails were delivered to most subscribers' primary inboxes.

Doubled the “Placed Order Rate"

Targeting the most engaged subscribers ensured that only those ready to buy would receive emails, so as to not disturb other subscribers.

Stable revenues of $2,400 per email

Targeting fewer people does not mean fewer sales. It's all about targeting the right people!