+36% sales growth in 12 months

Luc Vincent is a renowned expert in the field of hairdressing and hairstyling. His brand, ‘Luc Vincent Soins pour Cheveux’, was launched to market the styling products he creates. To improve his results, Luc commissioned Pure Commerce with the following mission: to significantly increase his revenue over a period of 12 months without reducing t ROI.

Financial Foundation

At Pure Commerce, when a client asks us to generate growth, we always start by establishing a financial foundation, enabling us to assess how much we need to spend to achieve a certain goal and the cost per acquisition we must not exceed.

For Luc Vincent, we took into account the revenue of existing customers, the repurchase rate, and the cost per new customer (nCAC). This data set enabled us to establish a financial strategy based on:

  • The volume of new customers we wanted to acquire every month.
  • An nCAC aligned with our growth strategy.
  • An unlimited advertising budget, as soon as we were able to break even.

With this foundation in place, we focused on executing an aggressive acquisition strategy.

Our initial assessment

We observed that, despite very high spending, the account was no longer able to increase its budget without sacrificing performance.

Our objectives

Drastically increase the volume of new customers.

Our strategy

Set up an account structure capable of handling a much larger daily budget.


It was necessary to completely restructure the client’s Facebook Ads account. Over the previous period, the account had no less than 119 active campaigns. After some analysis, we determined that the budget was being spread too thin.

For this reason, we focused the budget on more impactful campaigns and reduced the number of campaigns to 93. This meant that the overall spend per campaign was almost 4 times greater.

Thanks to this structure, the account sustained an increase in budget of over 60%, reaching $4,500/day.

Luc Vincent benefits from a loyal community that doesn't hesitate to talk about the company’s products. That's why we collected as many testimonials/reviews as possible to create new ads.

This was a much more authentic, organic way of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Today, it accounts for a considerable share of our advertising spend!

This also allowed us to create a large number of ad variations to prolong the success of the campaigns.

Email marketing is a particularly powerful channel when it comes to educating an audience about the benefits of your products.

That’s why we created several campaigns to collect emails, using one of Luc Vincent’s webinars in which he explains how to use his flagship product as the hook.

Facebook Ads Results

73% increase in revenue

60% increase in budget

8.5% ROAS

E-Commerce Results

36% increase in revenue

16% increase in AOV

6% increase in Conversion Rate

Thanks to our various efforts, Luc Vincent was able to build a Hypergrowth machine! What are you waiting for to do the same?